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According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, Hudson County ranks fourth for the number of motor vehicle accidents in the state per county. Many accidents in our area result from busy traffic on Route 1 and 9, or from rubbernecking as the road feeds into the Lincoln Tunnel. Some of these are no doubt minor fender benders. Others, though, involve serious injuries or even fatalities.

If you survived a car, truck or bus crash in Hudson County or the surrounding area, you are probably struggling to cope with your physical recovery, your workload and your growing medical bills. At Bianco Law, LLC, I can assist you in pursuing a personal injury claim so you can hold the perpetrator accountable and recover compensation.

I am attorney Anthony Bianco, and I can help you with all varieties of motor vehicle accidents, including:

  • Cars
  • Commercial trucks
  • Ubers, Lyfts and other rideshares
  • Bicycles
  • The NJ Transit Corporation
  • The Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) line
  • Jitney buses
  • Ferries

As a lawyer, I used to work for large insurance companies. Now, I put my insider knowledge to much better use by standing up for the survivors of catastrophic injuries. You can count on me for individualized attention and a dedication to achieving results.

How Are Crashes Involving Mass Transit Different?

Accidents involving jitney buses, NJ Transit buses or other vehicles used in mass transit have complex issues of liability and insurance. Several third parties, including the driver, the driving company or the manufacturer, could have partial fault. Not to mention, the companies that operate these vehicles already have a team of powerful attorneys on their side. To receive the full compensation that you deserve, it is crucial that you seek a lawyer of your own who has handled mass transit accidents before.

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In a car, truck or bus crash, you will need an ally to help you navigate the processes and advocate for yourself. With my combination of experience and compassion, I can help you. To schedule a free, confidential initial consultation, contact my North Bergen office at 201-897-3720 or send me an email.